Our son Ashton was born with a condition called ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum) which causes Development Delay. This meant Ashton was way behind with his motor skills. The NHS could only do so much so as a family we decided to look into private physiotherapy for Ashton to help his development catch up. This was when Charlotte came into Ashton’s life. We are so thankful for the amazing work Charlotte does for Ashton. When Charlotte began she identified Ashton’s weakest areas and set us up with some exercises we could do in between his sessions. Within days we could see Ashton was improving. Before Charlotte came Ashton could only just sit up unaided. Now after a few months we have a boy who is rolling around with ease and now learning to crawl and walk.

We would have never got to this stage without Charlotte. We always look forward to her sessions with Ashton. A very caring person who has taught us so much. Before Charlotte arrived we had no idea what the future held for Ashton, whether he would ever lead a normal life. Charlottes influence on Ashton has reassured us that he will catch up, and for that alone we can’t thank her enough.


We warmed to Charlotte from the very first day she worked with our little Sophie who is nearly 4. Her approach with Sophie is gentle, yet very assertive. Charlotte gave us the confidence immediately that she would be able to help Sophie progress, and she is proving us right at every visit. One of the valuable and key aspects of her visits is her ability to also teach us parents how to help our daughter in her physical development. Thank you for all the good work so far.


Charlotte provides physio to our little boy at our home in between his NHS bursts of therapy. Charlotte works with our NHS physio in order that Charlie has consistent and streamlined therapy. Charlotte has made a huge difference to our little boy. 5 months ago he was only commando crawling, now he is pulling to stand, cruising and climbing the stairs! Charlotte is absolutely lovely with Charlie. She has really got to know him and knows how far to push him. He tries to distract her with cuddles, but it doesn’t work! We are really pleased that we found Charlotte!


Oliver has made brilliant progress since he has started seeing Charlotte for physio sessions. Charlotte has been able to provide the consistency and structure that we needed in order to help Oliver improve his walking gait. We have seen real results in terms of his strength, balance and range of movement. Charlotte has helped us to engage Oliver in a daily exercise routine which he now does (almost!) without complaint. We would definitely recommend her if you are looking for an independent physiotherapist for your child.


You have looked after our little girl so well and helped her so much over the last few months. You are very knowledgeable and reassuring but most of all you are caring and have a real talent for working with children and their parents. Thanks for doing such an amazing job. We are going to miss seeing you.


We first met Charlotte in October 2015 by this time my husband and I had already made the decision for our son Junior who has cerebral palsy to have the SDR operation (selective dorsal rhizotomy) in America in the coming December, and we wanted to know if Charlotte would join us in preparing Junior physically fit for the operation. We are extremely pleased having Charlotte as Juniors physiotherapist she is so dedicated with what she does, from the moment she arrives at our house she goes straight to work wasting no time in motivating and encouraging our son to work as hard as he possible can. We are now 8 months post op and we can’t thank Charlotte enough for her ongoing commitment, she always has fresh ideas of how to achieve what she needs from him to progress with each session. Junior is only 3 years old so probably not the easiest age to deal with but Charlotte perseveres no matter what. Junior couldn’t walk independently before the operation he has now taken 9 independent steps and is growing more confident with every session.


Your help and reassurance has made me feel so much more positive about my little girl’s progress. Your advice always works! You are friendly, relaxed and very approachable. You are always happy to answer my questions!


My son has progressed lots since Charlotte has been coming and he loves to see her every week. She is so patient with him even when he’s in his protesting mood! She will always give me tips and advice when I need them too. We were so lucky to find Charlotte!


In June 2011 my world was turned upside down when my daughter Demi was hit by a car. Her injuries were very serious and we were not given much hope of recovery. Demi fought hard and proved everyone wrong, but she knew she had a long road of recovery ahead of her. Demi was in a wheelchair and had to learn how to walk all over again. We began rehabilitation and intense physiotherapy was given. As time went on I felt we needed additional Physiotherapy for Demi, so we decided on getting a private Physiotherapist. We met Charlotte who is a very professional, friendly and down to earth physiotherapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Charlotte worked hard with Demi in our home and the results we saw in our Daughter were incredible!! Charlotte is an amazing lady who played a big part in Demi’s journey to recovery and we can’t thank her enough for everything she has done. My daughter Demi has made a remarkable recovery and is now walking and living a normal life again.


My daughter Megan was diagnosed with Torticollis at 4 months old and we were left feeling very anxious and helpless. We had little support in general from doctors/consultants and felt that we needed a private physiotherapist. Charlotte came recommended by a family who also had a baby with Torticollis. I’m extremely grateful to her for providing us with the support, advice and physiotherapy that we greatly needed. I was very concerned for my daughter but Charlotte was able to keep me positive as she could see the vast improvements my daughter was making. Megan learnt to crawl very early and at 13 months was walking and I believe she met these milestones quickly due to Charlotte. She is a very kind and friendly person and very good with children. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a private physiotherapist for their little one.


Charlotte is a very friendly, fantastic Physiotherapist who helped me walk again. Charlotte made me work hard and achieve all my goals and without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would recommend Charlotte to anyone who is looking for a private Physiotherapist. Our sessions were always fun as well as challenging. I can’t thank Charlotte enough for everything she helped me with and was so glad she was part of my journey in my recovery.